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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Have you ever wanted to stick food in your various orifices? Yes, no..hmmm? Well, as a general rule- don’t.  Thankfully, if you fall into this category of cool humans, you aren’t entirely out of luck with your food-based fantasies: SelfDelve has you covered, and you can stick a myriad of fruits, vegetables, and even a marshmallow pretty much anywhere you want (within reason people, please don’t lose things in your butthole that do not have an appropriately wide base).


My handcrafted dildo arrived in a plain brown box- just the way I like it. The toy itself came in a lovely storage tin, and had a sample of pur lube inside, along with a little booklet showing more of their wares (I absolutely want/need the corn on the cob, and one of their gorgeous sculptures!).  I literally felt like a kid on Christmas when I pulled back the black tissue paper. This Marshmallow dildo is so perfectly adorable, and realistic. I couldn’t stop squeezing it. Not only was it just the right amount of squishy to firm ratio (for my body), but it also had a satisfying, and hefty weight to it. This toy feels so nice in your hands. The swirls are bright pops of pink, yellow, blue. It is beautifully crafted with no seams or off-putting textures. This dildo is an actual piece of art.  

Ok so it’s cute, but is it functional? If you’ll excuse me, I’m still going to ride the cute train for a just minute more, because oh my gosh does this dildo look all kinds of adorable sliding in and out…I know that is *not* the point, but it is a bit of a bonus jonus in my book. The marshmallow is 100% body-safe silicone, incredibly shiny, and feels wonderful. Clocking in at 8.7 inches, and 1.6 inches in diameter you can take as much, or as little of this delightfully squishy treat as you’d like. The brightly colored swirls that cover this marshmallow dildo from top to bottom feel like a luxurious yoni massage, and I am here for it. I had a surprising amount of G-spot stimulation while twisting and turning this, which was unexpected. Not only did it feel good, but it was SO much fun to use on myself, and with my partner.   While this is clearly not suitable for harness use- my partner really loves using it on me manually, and I have found we take this toy out far more than I would have first anticipated. As with any textured silicone toy, I recommend oodles and oodles of water-based lube for ease, comfort, and fun.

After play-time, clean up was a cinch. All of SelfDelve’s products are 100% silicone. This means it is body-safe, easy to clean (Clean Your Toys!), and should kinda sorta last forever given the proper care.  I used warm water, and a scent free soap, scrubbed vigorously for a bit, and voila! I recommend paying special attention to the textured grooves, taking care that all the crevices are squeaky clean before air drying.


Marshmallow by SelfDelve exceeded my expectations.  I admittedly thought this might be more of a novelty item, rather than a useful one.  I was proved wrong… plenty of times. This dildo is such a fun addition to my toy drawer. Since you can’t actually stick candy like items into your bits, SelfDelve has given us this gloriously textured marshmallow masterpiece that is made out of 100% body safe material, and can be used again, and again.  Although currently not available, I would actually love to have this in an even softer model so it can be extra marshmallow-ee! I am so happy with my purchase, and I certainly would recommend this line to anyone looking for something unique and fun….but also deliciously functional. 

Where to purchase this marshmallow marvel:

*Their website offers some truly amazing custom options, and pretty adorable ball gags

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